Let your voice be heard! Convene a listening session!

As we approach the 2015 Family Synod, Catholics want to engage in a meaningful way.  They want a voice on the important issues that will be discussed.  Cardinal Lorenzo Baldiserri, secretary general of the Synod of Bishops has made it clear that the bishops of the world should be listening to Catholics at the grassroots level.

Synod delegates and leaders will be helped in their task to fashion new pastoral practices by Catholics who know the realities of the issues being discussed “from the inside,” from experience.  Thus, we offer these listening session tools as a way for you to discuss together the realities of family, marriage and human sexuality, as well as the Church’s pastoral practices.

Your responses will be gathered in a report and sent to our bishops and to Cardinal Baldiserri before the deadline on April 15, 2015 (see full timeline below).

The final report will also be useful as we gather delegations to meet with bishops and synod delegates prior to the 2015 Family Synod in Rome in October 2015.  In those meetings, we can share the voices of the many Catholics who dialogued together about the issues that will be discussed at the synod.

Please find on this page tools you can download and use to have a listening session in your parish or community.

 Basic templates needed for listening sessions

1.  Template for convening a listening session

2.  Demographic tool for participants

3.   Participant Response tool for Question # 3

4.  Convener or moderator reporting tool (upload reports by March 31, 2015)

5.  Sign in Sheet

Additional resources for listening sessions

6.   Background information on synod listening sessions

7.  Group discussion guidelines

8.  Suggested Prayer


Convene listening sessions                                                                 February and March 2015

Conveners/Moderators upload all listening session                            March 31, 2015 deadline
reports into Survey Monkey

Organizers prepare report and send to synod leaders                       April 15, 2015 deadline
(The report will also be shared on this website)

Catholics organize meetings with bishops and synod                        April – August 2015
delegates prior to 2015 Family Synod


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