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The one question for Catholics

In looking at the Relatio Synodi, the bishops and all Catholics are asked one primary question:

Does the description of the various familial situations in the Relatio Synodi correspond to what exists in the Church and society today? What missing aspects should be included?

What is your answer?  What do you want Catholics leaders who will be voting at the 2015 Synod to know?

The bishops of England and Wales issue a document urging mercy

Ahead of the forthcoming Ordinary Synod on the Family in October 2015, the bishops of England and Wales reflect on the themes relating to marriage and family life that emerged from the Extraordinary meeting of Bishops held in Rome in October 2014.

The Bishops of England and Wales have published a document to help the faithful reflect and discern on this crucial aspect of Catholic life.

The Call, the Journey and the Mission 667.61 kB