Arriving in Rome

Yesterday I arrived in Rome and found my way to my hotel.  It is just a 10 minute walk to the Vatican where journalists are gearing up for the Synod.

Later in the day, I the opportunity to talk at length with Martha Heizer and Christian Weisner of International Movement of We Are Church.  It was inspiring to hear them talk about their hopes for the Synod and for the Church. For Christian, the great hope lies in the way the Pope Francis is changing the structures and processes.  For Martha, the hope lies in the Voices of the People of God.

On Saturday FutureChurch will join speakers from three continents at a press conference entitled “Synod on the Family: Expectations of the People of God” organized by International Movement of We Are Church on Saturday, October 4, 2014 at 11:30 am at Suore Domenicane Di S. Sisto Vecchio/piazza Numa Pompilio, 8.

Speakers from the United States, Europe and Australia representing thousands of reform minded Catholics will address both the synod process and some of the specific issues such as divorce and remarriage, contraception, women’s roles and other topics that will be discussed over the next several weeks by synod participants.  FutureChurch will speak about the contraception and Humanae Vitae from the perspective of the”Voices of the People.”

To learn more about the press conference go to

Catholics everywhere are talking about the issues.  Here are some interesting links.

Fr. Thomas M. Rosica, CSB will be covering the Synod from the inside with several young journalists (I am waiting for the day when women journalists will be sitting next to the male journalists).

German speaking Pfarrer-Initiatives:,0,0,0,d&ki=259179

Catholic Church Reform had its first seminar today with Journalist Robert Mickens, and women’s rights activist Sr. Mary John Mananzan from the Philippines and others:

More to come later today.


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